How to iron on patches

How to Iron On Appliques and Embroidered Patches How to Iron On Appliques and Embroidered Patches, Appliques and embroidered patches can be ironed on almost anything,  you can iron on shirts, jeans, camo jackets, hats, blouses, pants, skirts, even on your backpack or totes! This will be the best time to be creative, With an iron on patch you can create a new look instantly. It's very easy! Place the patch on the piece of clothing to get an idea of how it will look, and find the best position for the patch. If you have multiple patches, you should pin them exactly where you want them before ironing them on. You don’t want to get to the last few patches and realize you don’t have enough space. Heat seal to polyester/cotton fabrics. Do not apply to rain wear (waterproof), highly elastic, rayon, nylon or tree-acetate fabrics. Once applied, applique is permanently attached to garment and is washable, dry-able and dry cleanable. For machine washing, turn garment inside-out before washing and drying. WHAT WE NEED

  1. Make sure your iron is on high, Place Sequin patch where you desire it to be on garment.
  2. Pin the sequin patch for a secure hold and cover it with a sheet or towel, Make sure you do not iron the sequin side, it will melt!!! Very important!!
  3. Press the iron firmly on top of the covered sequin patch and use the steam function for better results while adding pressure,
  4. Keep the iron on the covered sequin patch for at least 60 seconds and go around the corners with the iron to make sure it’s completely sealed.